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Yuyao Leeqy Electronic Factory is a cable with connector manufacturer that specializes in the production of  all kinds of wire harnesses of medium and high grade, located in the Industrial Park of  Huangjiabu, Yuyao City, Zhejiang  Province  in China.


The company now can trim wires of different specifications by the use of three computer wire cutting and twisting machines along with the automatic wire feeder and the automatic wire collector. We achieve crimping through several super mute terminal machines and for the large demand customers, we work with the automatic both-ends crimping machine. For detection, we apply the cable/harness tester to conduct breakover and other tests.


With the continuous development and technical innovation, our company can now provide the new and old customers with all-around wire harnesses processing services such as electronic wire harnesses, cable wire harnesses and so on. Our application industries and products include AC/DC power wires, motor wire harnesses, network and correspondence wire harnesses, communication wire harnesses, medical wire harnesses, computer and peripheral wire harnesses, radio frequency wire harnesses, voice frequency wire harnesses, air conditioning wire harnesses, washing machine wire harnesses, refrigerator wire harnesses, automobile wire harnesses, motorcycle wire harnesses, transformer wire harnesses, printer wire harnesses, hernia lights wire harnesses and so on.


We own independent production workshop and have brought in advanced production equipment (automatic both-ends crimping machine) and detection equipment along with a group of professional and technical personnel and management personnel of high level and qualification as well as well-trained staffs. All these lay a solid foundation for the achievement of hypernormal and leap-forward development. Relying on sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and a group of professional personnel of high quality and technology as well as abundant technology strength, reasonable price, high product quality and sincere service, we provide our customers with the best wire harnesses process. We also work with customers to achieve collaborative development and make products with special requirements so as to increase their marketing competence. A variety of custom made wire harnesses find a good sale in the regions such as Japan, USA and Europe and so on.


We have developed a perfect quality management system, which includes IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (InPut Process Quality Control), FQC (Final Quality Control) and OQC (Outgoing Quality Control) as well as quality improvement. We can fulfill the full processing from wire trimming (or trimming together with connecting terminal and tensioning wires), welding, terminal crimping to assembly and testing. And our product materials conform to the requirements of the UL and CSA certification and so on as well as environmental protection relevant regulations.